Abbotsford’s team-based approach helps move the city forward

               In a recent article, the Abbotsford News found that Abbotsford city council frequently passes motions with few or no dissenting votes. This is a sign that Abbotsford city hall is functioning well, both at the staff level and at the council table.

               Early this term, mayor, council and staff worked together to develop a strategic plan that would be used to guide council’s decisions and create positive change for Abbotsford. Out of this strategic plan came the city’s new Official Community Plan as well as many new Master Plans. These plans are the framework for decision making at the city.

               We hear time and again that citizens want clarity and predictability when it comes to interactions with city hall. If an application conforms with city guidelines, it should pass at council. Applicants who follow the rules should have some certainty regarding their applications. Consistent treatment of applications is evidence that there is a level playing field at city hall. And if over time it is determined that the rules are not working as intended, the city needs to take the appropriate steps to review and improve the guidelines.

               Abbotsford has seen big improvements over the past four years and a big part of that has to do with the team approach taken by mayor, council and staff. The city is fast becoming known as a model of good governance, which is a foundational goal of the AbbotsfordFIRST team. We hope this positive team-based approach will continue to be used as the model for council decisions in the future.

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