Our Board

The Abbotsford First Electors Society is an elector organization that nominates and endorses leaders in our community that we believe would make exceptional city councillors. The AbbotsfordFIRST team works together to campaign on behalf of our endorsed candidates. The Abbotsford First Electors Society is not involved in governing. Each AbbotsfordFIRST councillor makes decisions independently.

The Abbotsford First Electors Society is governed by a board of directors. Directors are elected by the members of the Society and serve for a two-year term.


Board of Directors

Marion Keys

Ann Penner

Kathleen Robinson

Bob Blue

Sandy Blue
Board Director

Kelly Chahal
Board Director

Brenda Falk
Board Director

Ross Siemens
Board Director

Navita Ark
Board Director

Melody Hammond
Board Director

Taylor Medley
Board Director

Dave Sidhu
Board Director